Two-for-Two Membership Campaign

For the best Kiwanis clubs, membership growth is not a one-time campaign or event. It’s a continuous club operation. And every member should play a part. But how do you make it fun for them — and manageable for the club? Two-for-Two helps you do both.

Kiwanis Brand Guide (Logos/Backgrounds/Templates)

Kiwanis Brand Quick Reference Sheet

Kiwanis Leadership Guide

Kiwanis Member Resources
Service & Fundraising Resources

Service Leadership Programs

Kiwanis Education & Training – for all members and club leaders

Kiwanis Club Toolkit

Achieving Club Excellence Tools Survey your members. Analyze your club’s fundraising. Find new ideas for strengthening your club. Do them all using the Achieving Club Excellence tools. These tools will help your club create opportunities in fundraising, service, and fellowship — based on what your members love most. Interested in using the tools? 

Download the complete toolkit and have a member lead your club through each of the steps within the tools. Use one or all of them, depending on your club’s needs. In fact, try this method whether you’re planning for an annual club assessment or need ideas for improving one or two aspects of your club experience.  

Each tool includes exercises designed to create dialogue, gain perspective and lead you to ask insightful questions that will help your club remain relevant, impactful, and strong. 

          Club Satellite FAQ
          Life Membership Application  
          New Member Information Brochure
          New Membership Application Form
          New Member Orientation PowerPoint
          New Member Orientation Script
          Orientation Outline