With a mission “to provide financial assistance for Kiwanis projects and programs within our District,” the Kiwanis District Foundation offers clubs the opportunity to apply for financial assistance during the current administrative year for meaningful service projects in their communities including participation in the District Service Project – placing AEDs in every school within in the District – and Disaster Grants to receive immediate and essential relief after a declared natural disaster.

Clubs must be “in good standing” with Kiwanis International and the LaMissTenn District District by being current on all dues as well as with the District Foundation by participating in the Annual Club Gift Campaign for the current year at minimum of $5 per member, according to the club roster as of October 1st per Kiwanis International.

With a contribution of $5 per member, your club becomes eligible for several types of grants – what an outstanding return on your investment. Refer to the ROI Chart to see how some of the clubs around the District have received an outstanding return on their investment!

The District Foundation Board offers two levels of Community Service Grants (CSG) during the current administrative year: Level I “Gold” (up to $5,000) and Level II “Silver” (up to $2,000). These are reimbursable grants in an amount of 75% of the total cost of the projects, up to the maximum amount awarded (reimbursed after verification of receipts and completion of the project). The Foundation Board wants to assist clubs with their projects – but does not have the capacity to fund in their entirety. 

Level I “Gold” Grant Application deadlines are February 1st (1st round) and July 1st (2nd round).  Level II “Silver” Grant Applications will be received monthly, or until funding is depleted and the Foundation Board will make a decision on these grants at its monthly meetings.

Special Grants for NEW CLUBS of up to $1,000 are available to new clubs within TWO YEARS OF THEIR CHARTER DATE, and are 100% reimbursable. Advanced funding of up to 50% if needed. 

In 2023-2024 will be the first year of the Super Grant. These grants are reimbursable grants in an amount of 85% of the total cost of the projects, up to a maximum award of $10,000 (reimbursed after verification of receipts and completion of the project).

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