Foundation Bylaws, Policies & Administration

To provide our members with the administrative support information, your Foundation provides the following governance and financial information:

Foundation Bylaws

Foundation’s Articles of Incorporation

Foundation’s Strategic Plan (currently being revised)

Foundation Policies & Committees:

1. Gift Acceptance Policy 4. Executive Committee Policy   7. Spending Policy
2. Investment Policy 5. Finance Committee Policy 8. Nominating Committee Policy
3. Use of Federal Tax ID by Club 6. Grants Committee Policy 9. Development Committee Policy 
10. Scholarship Committee

IRS Tax Returns:

2020-2021 IRS 990-PF
2019-2020 IRS 990-PF2018-2019 IRS 990-PF2017-2018 IRS 990-PF2016-2017 IRS 990-PF

CREATE Foundation Account:
(Recent reports on Endowment Fund)

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