Endowment Programs

What is the “Endowment Program” of the District Foundation? 

In 2008, the District Foundation Board of Directors established a goal to create an endowment of $500,000 by the year 2013. This goal was achieved in 2014, and currently stands around $750,000. The principal of the fund will remain untouched to continue to earn the highest amount of interest/dividends possible. The endowment provides around $20,000 per year for funding the Foundation’s Grants & Scholarship Programs. The endowment doubles the Foundation’s income sources and allows the District to assist more Kiwanis Clubs with extra funds to complete worthy projects every year.

What does it mean to “Endow”? 

Endow: to furnish with an income; especially: to make a grant of money providing for continuing support or maintenance. We want to endow the current and future children of our Kiwanis District with an inheritance. 

Four ways to help us add to this Endowment:

River of Life Fellowship

From the renown Hernando de Soto Bridge in Memphis, TN, to the steamboat sailing down the Mississippi River to the Superdome in New Orleans, the Mississippi River connects the three states that make up the Louisiana-Mississippi-West Tennessee District of Kiwanis International.  

In the early 1990’s the small foundation board was trying to come up with a way that explained what the foundation was and how it could help clubs in their communities.  This endowment program began as a way for every member of the district to contribute in an affordable way, to purchase a beautiful signed and numbered lithograph designed by a local Baton Rouge artist.  Just as water is life giving, this new program would bring “life” to the foundation; a way to build an endowment for the future.

The River of Life is designed to allow participation by every member in the District. Contributors can make a one-time donation of $750, or pledge to donate that amount over a two year period.

Clubs can use the River of Life Endowment as a way to honor outstanding members, club officers, or club patrons. Contributions will be recognized with a unique pin and a framed print, which distinguishes the donor/recipient as a “River of Life Fellow.” 

River of Life Fellows

The Henry W. Nash ~ Eugene J. Maier Tablet of Honor 

This is the highest honor the District Foundation could bestow. This prestigious award is named after two of the District Foundation’s original founding members, both also having served as Governors of the Louisiana-Mississippi-West Tennessee District. 

The Tablet of Honor provides a giving opportunity through which individuals, Kiwanis clubs, divisions, or organizations can permanently honor Kiwanians, their spouses and friends, their clubs or other organizations. Tablet of Honor contributions can be made on behalf of an individual, club, corporation, or organization. Individuals cannot honor themselves. 

The Henry W. Nash ~ Eugene J. Maier Tablet of Honor recipients are presented an attractive engraved “tablet” signifying that a minimum contribution of $1,000 has been made in their name. 

Tablet of Honor Recipients

John T. Roberts Fellowship

The District Foundation Board of Directors created the John T. Roberts Fellowship to honor the District’s first Kiwanis International President. During Roberts’ year as President in 1982-83, clubs were challenged to motivate children to their highest potential and to improve the quality of life for those less fortunate.

Individuals establish membership through a one-time donation of $500, or pledge to donate that amount over a two year period. Likewise, a member, a club or a division may honor another individual for outstanding Kiwanis service by presenting a John T. Roberts Fellow. John T. Roberts Fellows receive a medallion and a lapel pin upon completing the financial pledge. 

John T. Roberts Fellows

Charles H. Ford Legacy

In August 2022, the District Foundation Board of Directors created the “Charles H. Ford Legacy” to honor the Louisiana-Mississippi-West Tennessee District’s longest serving Secretary/Executive Director, Charlie Ford, who retired after 46 years.

With a donation of $1,000 to the District Foundation, you can be part of the living legacy to continue service within our District to the clubs, as well as support Service Leadership Program scholarships. Legacy recipients will receive a numbered medallion up to 100 and a lapel pin upon completing their financial pledge.

Charles H. Ford Legacy