NEW CLUB Community Service Grants

The LaMissTenn District Foundation is offering Newly-Chartered Kiwanis clubs the opportunity to apply for a $1,000 Community Service Grant (CSG), for a club service project during their first FIRST of year of service. After October 1, 2023, the application timeline will . This grant award will be 100% reimbursable, up to $1,000. Advanced funding up to 50% of the grant award is allowed, with the remaining funds to be distributed once all receipts are received/verified. (Note, typical CSGs reimburse 75% of project expenses up to grant award).

  • LaMissTenn District Foundation Grants are intended to increase the reach of each funded project by filling a financial gap. Contact f[email protected] for questions about project viability.
  • Before applying for a grant, consider your Kiwanis Club’s involvement in the project, including contributions of time, labor and financial resources by your club members, other Kiwanis clubs and/or businesses in the area.  Involvement is an essential part of each successful, grant-funded project. 
  • Community Service Grants are “Reimbursement Grants” in that clubs must show receipts and cancelled club checks of all expenditures for the project, under IRS rules for expense responsibility. NEW CLUB grants will be reimbursed 100% of verified expenditures, up to the amount of grant award, AFTER criteria is met.
  • If the NEW CLUB wishes to apply for Level One Grants (up to $5,000) or Level Two Grants (up to $2,000), in LIEU of this $1,000 grant, they may do so; however ALL Level One and Level Two CSG criteria then applies. Grants will be 75% reimbursable, and there is NO advanced funding.
  • No Kiwanis club will be awarded more than one (1) CSG during any Kiwanis Administrative Year. Nor will any Kiwanis club be awarded CSGs for more than two (2) consecutive Administrative Years.
  • The decision of the LaMissTenn District Foundation Board is final.


  1. Submitting clubs must be “in good standing” with the District Foundation, having contributed to the current Annual Club Giving Campaign (ACG) with at least $5 per member.
  2. NEW CLUB CSG project must begin within two years of the Club’s official charter date. Charter dates can be found on the Clubs page.
  3. Application forms MUST be submitted, in its entirety, using the link above.  Handwritten/typed forms are no longer accepted. 
  4. Itemized budget for THIS project (not entire club project account) MUST be included, showing:
    • How funds for this project will be obtained (club, businesses, in-kind services, etc.).
    • Amount requested from Foundation/other sources.
    • Details on how these funds will be expended for this project.
  5. Incomplete forms may be returned and result in delaying the grant process.
  6. Deadlines stated above are strictly enforced.

ONCE GRANT IS APPROVED, the club will work with a Grant Liaison throughout the process, and:

  1. Execute a Grant Acceptance Agreement, sent from Grant Committee.
  2. Turn in receipts and cancelled club checks to be reviewed/verified by Grant Committee.
  3. Complete this project within twelve (12) months from date of grant award.
  4. Send a final report on project with photos, new articles, etc. on project to be reimbursed 100% of expenses, up to the amount of grant award.
  5. Name/Logo of the LaMissTenn District Foundation will be clearly identified for the project, whenever possible.